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A Cacao Affair

  Nestled north of Atlanta in Marietta, GA, and just a few miles from downtown Woodstock,  A Cacao Affair combines artistry with scrumptious chocolate to create gourmet creations for your taste palate. Owner Karl Vivier devises delicious and unusual combinations of chocolate with different flavors including Georgia olive oil, Saffron, Tahitian vanilla, and black tea. Karl uses only Swiss chocolate to pair with these variety of flavors to construct the decadent perfect chocolate affair to enjoy. No artificial flavors or sweeteners are used; all ingredients are natural to produce the optimal flavor experience.

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Avocado Vegan Cafe

The Avocado Cafe chooses to use locally sourced, organic food produced free from harmful herbicides and pesticides because chemicals aren't good for the body or the environment. We dispel the myth that vegan cuisine is boring, tasteless and limited. We know that a gourmet dining experience can be created out of healthy and environmentally friendly foods.

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Back to Edenz

Chef Gerard, owner of Back to Edenz Vegan Restaurant, strives every day to live up to the Back to Edenz motto "We cater to those who want better".  The goal at Back to Edenz is to provide healthy meals that go beyond just satisfying you for a few hours, it is to provide meals that will sustain your health for a long, long time.  Most folks have strayed from eating a natural, whole foods -the way it was originally intended. Back to Edenz  wants everyone to know that eating healthy feels good and tastes great! On the way to reaching their goal, Back to Edenz won the the 2017 ATL Vegan MacDown Critic's Choice Award.  Look for their signature dishes and desserts here on Cooker.delivery.

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Captain Taco

Stradford Stone, II: Taste His Success Stradford Stone first fell in love with food over a stack of his father's pancakes. Crispy, thin and rich, they helped him to understand that not all dishes are prepared equally - that food brings people together and a good dish requires not only skill but love and pride. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Stradford gleans his influences from his southern grandmother, extensive travel and the street food it brings, and a desire to make everything just taste delicious. Stradford's "aha" moment came when he replicated a spicy seafood soup from one of his favorite Chicago restaurants, by taste only. Since then, Stradford has developed his skills by studying the works of the greats, trial and error, and the determination to make the next perfect dish. He aspires to open a storefront restaurant dedicated to serving an equal amount of vegan and non-vegan fare.

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Chef Alejandra PL Peek

  Chef Ale's passion for cooking started when she was 6 years old and some of her dishes use family recipes she learned many years ago.  She thinks it is magical to transform ingredients on dishes, desserts, art, wine, chocolates, etc!!!
Chef Ale is originally from Morelia in Mexico where she received her gastronomy degree from “Colegio Superior de Gastronomía” in Mexico City.  She studied French pastries in Paris at the famous Le Cordon Bleu.
Chef Ale worked at “Salon de te Meert” in Lille France as a chef chocolatiere. She also has been Executive Chef for “Hyatt International”, Catering Chef for “Cantabria” in Mexico, Pastry Chef at “JOEL” (French-Asiatic restaurant) and Chef Instructor (teaching cuisine across cultures) in Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta.
Chef Ale Gourmet is the name of her new project where she offers catering, healthy (including vegan & gluten-free) & French pastries, Artisan Chocolates, salsas and all her consulting and culinary classes.

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Chef Tigre

Chef Tigre was raised in Toronto, Canada where he adopted a plant based diet for reasons of health and compassion. That led him to work with several animal rescue and environmental organizations such as ARME TV, Sea Shepherd, and Farm Sanctuary, to name a few.
He's a former Chef at Sante La Brea in Holloywood and Sunpower Natural Cafe in Studio City.  Residing now in Atlanta, Chef Tigre's focus is on creating amazing vegan meals and desserts that are non-GMO, gluten-free, friendly and organic.

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Chef Vedam Clementi

  Chef Vedam Clementi is a Gluten Free Certified Personal Chef and the author of Vedam's Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband. After suffering for over two decades, Chef Vedam was finally diagnosed, and had to learn to cook completely gluten free. Staying true to his Southern heritage, Chef Vedam took his favorite down home comfort foods and converted his recipes to match his dietary needs. He created Vedam's Gluten Free & Fabulous! Recipes From A Southern Gay Househusband as a concise resource of his recipes for those that need assistance cooking delicious gluten free food. Chef Vedam enjoys cooking down home Southern comfort food, and he also loves other cuisines such as Italian, Asian, Mexican and Vegetarian. He also specializes in specific dietary needs such as low fat, low carb, low sugar, low sodium, etc. Basically, whatever your needs, Chef Vedam tries his best to accommodate you; everything that your health and taste buds require, no matter your dietary request. And everything that Chef Vedam creates happens to be gluten free! Note from Chef Vedam: “I totally understand the necessity of eating a gluten free diet - it’s necessary for me as well. Everything I prepare for Cooker.Delivery is made with gluten free ingredients. However, the food is prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items which may contain gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, or other allergens. That being said, please use your own discretion as you order; however, all foods are created to be not only delicious, but also safe for you.

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Desi Swaad

Desi Swaad brings you authentic vegetarian Indian meals straight from the heart of Chef Seema Patel. She began her journey by making delicious food for friends and family using her very own recipes. Last November she officially created Desi Swaad and took her delicious food to the Atlanta International Night Market. After achieving great success at the event Chef Seema decided to bring her homemade recipes to your home. She strives to use natural and healthy ingredients to create flavorful and satisfying food. All of her spices are authentic and natural. Her food will make you feel like it is coming straight from India to your plate!

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Ebony & Ivory

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envegan is the new name for Huli which has amazing vegan food with a Vietnamese twist.  Here is what some of their customers say about their tasty vegan menu items: "Just had the crab cake sandwich which was delicious!!! This is our new favorite place." "I absolutely love the food here and will continue to visit."

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Explosion Catering

It is safe to say that food is our passion – eating it, creating it, and serving it to you! Everything on our menu is prepared using the freshest ingredients and we aim to support local markets whenever possible.  

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Food 4 Ur Soul

Five-year old Jerald Washington dreamed of being a chef and he never let go of that dream. Today, long-time Smyrna resident Chef J fulfills that dream with “Food 4 Ur Soul” and his mission to expose health conscious food lovers to dishes that feed and nourish their bodies & mindful souls. Chef J has lent his generous talents to the Bold American & Fifth Group, Soiree Catering, CB Catering Entertainment & Walia Group, and Dunnwoody Pines and top Atlanta venues like the Rose and Crown and Five40 Tapas. It is through those experiences and various mentors along the way, that he has developed a unique culinary expression, one with a distinct international flair.

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Jamie's Cookie Dough Cookies

Bio I am Jamie, a.k.a. The Vegan Cookie Lady, and owner of Jamie's Cookie Dough. I specialize in creating cookies that make people say "This is vegan?!" My soft and chewy cookies come in a variety of flavors, from traditional favorites to specialty creations. I started my "online bakery" just last year soon after my husband and I relocated to GA. I loved the people and the food scene here so much, I decided to follow my vegan food passion.

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Kushina Catering

Our goal is to provide simple, creative and delicious menus fresh made from locally grown and sustainable sources. We specialize in international and fusion dishes to bring you the best in Ethiopian and Indian cuisine. Many of our dishes are naturally suitable for vegetarian and vegans diets.   Our mission is to take you on a trip around the world one plate at a time.

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Lifting Noodles Ramen

Lifting Noodles opened in January 2018 and by February had already made Eater Atlanta's list of the hottest new places to eat. And the accolades keep rolling in - this is not ordinary ramen! The creators of Poke Burri (featured here on Cooker) saw a gap in the ramen market here in Atlanta and wanted to put their own unique spins on the concept. Lifting Noodles offers classic traditional dishes you think of when you think of ramen but also their own twists and secret menu.

Just like any of their concepts there will be all kinds of adventurous new takes on ramen including fried ramen dishes, ramen inspired by different cuisines, and of course seasonal items with fresh amazing ingredients.

You are invited to join the adventure and try some of Atlanta's hottest new cuisine.

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Marrakech Express

This is more than just a restaurant, this is a family affair.  I’m Amal, chef and owner of Marrakech Express, the place for authentic Moroccan food in Atlanta, GA. I learned traditional Moroccan cooking from my mother, family, and some very good cooks in Marrakech. We offer traditional Moroccan cuisine without the fusion hype and we stay true to the old fashion cooking made famous by houses and families of the old city of Marrakech.  We bring some of our spices directly from Morocco, we can our own preserved lemons, make our spice mixes, spiced olives, Harissa & Shermoulas, all here in Atlanta. Over 60 % of our menu items are Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten Free. We use no soy, preservatives, colorants, additives, or MSG.  Our meats and poultry is USDA approved and bought locally free of hormones. This is what we cook daily for our own family and we consider you our new family and would not serve you anything less. Save

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Nonna's Family Kitchen

I grew up in a small town in the Southern part of Italy in post-WWll Europe. After losing my Mother at a very young age, my Father and I went to live with my Grandmother and my world was forever changed. My “Nonna” was a petite woman standing 4’ 9” tall and was the most amazing woman I’ve met in my life. She taught me so many wonderful lessons to live by as a young girl. She was a woman of strong faith, strong love, and strong convictions. Her philosophy on life was simple but left an impact on whatever she touched.

Her greatest loves were her family and food: to Nonna one literally “fed” the other. She taught me that food is more than just a way to sustain your body, it was a means of bringing people together. No matter what the meal, whether it was making me a fresh homemade snack after school or preparing a feast for the entire family, Nonna made sure everybody left the table satisfied.

When I was 12 years old my father remarried to a Sicilian-American woman, and we emigrated to the United States.Sadly, I was to never see my Nonna again, but the soul and spirit of my Grandmother has lived on in me and my family so much so that I wanted to bring what she taught me to the world.

Today, Nonna’s Family Kitchen is my love letter from my Nonna to all of you. Our products focus on the same principles that were taught to me. Focus on flavor and taste. Always use the best, natural and organic ingredients. Never sacrifice quality.

On behalf of myself and my family, we hope to help you create and enjoy meals that make great memories and moments for you, your friends and families!

Buon Appetito!

Nonna Anna

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Occasional Occasions by Carlton

Despite having parents whose lives revolved around stirring, mixing and seasoning for the masses, (My mother was a home economics teacher, and my father was a cook in the U.S. Marine Corp) I never had the desire to cook anything until my final tour of duty for the U.S. Air Force in Newbury, England.  In contrast to my identical twin brother Calvin’s natural abilities in the kitchen, I was a slow enthusiast—so slow that the only meal I knew how to prepare once back in the States was spaghetti. Over the course of time.... life happened and food gradually shifted from being a basic need, to transforming my life into one of joy and purpose as a formidable caterer in Atlanta’s hot hospitality scene. My company, Occasional Occasions by Carlton, boasts a who’s who of celebrity and corporate giant clients due to our innovative cuisine, dramatic presentations and customer service quintessential of timeless Southern hospitality.  Visit us at www.occasionaloccasions.net and see how we can make your "Occasional Occasion" a most memorable one.  

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Poke Burri

Good food gets noticed. Poke Burri, 2016 recipient of Yelp's "People Love Us On Yelp" award, keeps showing up in local lists and reviews. They've even scored a spot in What Now Atlanta's Top 100 Restaurants (2017). Poke, pronounced "POH-keh", is a standard Hawaiian dish. Poke Burri's innovative bowls and rolls are super Fresh and Healthy and could easily become a new standard in your diet.

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Scarpino's Italian Market

Scarpino's features family recipes brought over from Italy to the States.  We have also put some modern twists on classic Italian dishes to make them healthier but just as tasty.  
Flickr photo Italian flag: Nicholas Raymond

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Skai Juice

Skai Juice is a Natural Food Chef, Doula, Nutritional Consultant/Natural Lifestyle and Business Coach. She has nearly 20 years experience in the holistic health field including nutritional and herbal consulting, natural birthing and parenting, managing and owning several vegan cafés and juice bars and a catering business in Baltimore, MD...The Yabba Pot, and in Puerto Rico…Paradise Wellness, where she hosts healing and detoxification retreats and programs, and The Roots and Fruits Cafe and a host of other healing services. She has traveled to the world’s premiere wellness centers: Hippocrates Health Institute, Tree of Life, Ann Wigmore Institute… and continues to study in the areas of detoxification, nutrition and self-empowerment. Skai has led numerous healthy living workshops at the Ponce School of Medicine, University of DC, and other locations of distinction. Skai is driven by a passion to help people live healthy and abundant lives.

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The Spaniard

Alejandro Montes-Granada is the owner and executive chef of The Spaniard with more than 20 years of experience making paellas. He was born in Gijon, Asturias in Northern Spain.
Alejandro grew up between La Alcarria in Guadalajara, Madrid and Asturias, where as a child he was always curious about what was cooking in the family ovens. He was in charge and organized hiking and kayaking excursions along the Tajo River, preparing a good paella to end the day.
Alejandro is self-taught, and the foundation of his learning comes from experience from traveling throughout Spain and cooking for loved ones. His knowledge of traditional Spanish cuisine developed primarily from his childhood and from his mother, Maria Asuncion, who according to Alejandro, is the best cook in the world and in observing and helping his father, Luis, cook paellas in an open fire on the banks of the Tajo River. Later, he learned more from local restaurants and family celebrations, parties, and his Aunt Queca's charcoal oven and from the endless conversations with the cook, Leo.
All these experiences and hours studying, investigating, interpreting and cooking have led him to perfect nearly all his traditional recipes of Spanish gastronomy.  Alejandro will take you, your family, friends, business partners on a gastronomic trip, you will be able to watch a chef in his element transforming fresh and quality ingredients into a delicious Spanish dish - the paella.

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Twilight & Lemongrass Vegan Comfort Food

Everybody loves comfort food. But who can vegans turn to when that old fashioned comfort food craving abounds? Twilight & Lemongrass have answered that question with their vegan comfort cooking.  Franceska Lynne and Warren Gang, high school best friends who re-connected on social media after many years, discovered their common passion after co-creating a popular vegan mac & cheez dish. At that point, Franceska had already been modifying her grandmother’s recipes for years – veganizing the Southern-style comfort foods she loved as a child. Let Twilight & Lemongrass reunite you with some of your favorite creamy comfort foods.  

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Vego Bistro

Vego's emphasis is on fresh, healthy, all natural plant-based food. This happened naturally after Vego owners, David and Lindsay, successfully overcame multiple health challenges by altering their diet and lifestyle. They understand that everyone may be in a different stage of motivation when it comes to health.  Vego's menu makes it easy to find that motivation!  All menu items are gluten-free and vegan.

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Vegreen's delicious vegetarian and vegan Asian-fusion dishes make it easier for busy people to eat healthy meals.  That's important because they want to help people find the best balance of physical and mental health. A meal is more than food on a plate - it is the spirit it imbibes from source to preparation. Vegreen was honored with the 2017 Best of Atlanta Award in the Vegetarian category. The accompanying article tells us that carnivores will "find this clean but flavorful food soul-satisfying".  So, get ready to try something healthy and new!

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