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5 Healthy Fish You’ll Want to Try

We all know that fish can be a great source of nutrients like omega-3’s — heck, we did an article on just that a few weeks back. And while, yes, having some fish in your diet is almost always a good thing, what you may not know is that not all fish are created “equal”…at least on the health side of things.

The tricky thing about fish is that there are a few minor risks that come with eating it, mostly because of chemical contaminants like mercury. In fact the FDA says that certain groups of people — mostly young children and women — should actually avoid certain fish like shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish for just that reason. The flip side being that they also say that same group should consume more low-risk fish like tuna and salmon each week.

So which fish are safe and which aren’t? Well, for most people, almost all fish provide health benefits that outweigh their risks, but here’s a small list of those that we think are extra-nutritional.

  1. Salmon
    In either form, wild or farmed, you’ll get a nice little health boost of omega-3s and a whole bunch of other nutrients from salmon…but if you have the choice, definitely go with wild salmon. Wild salmon has a bit more nutrients and less saturated fat than its farmed counterpart.
  2. Mackerel
    Don’t confuse it with king mackerel, which is a bit of a riskier food if you’re pregnant. Mackerel has plenty of heart-healthy, “good” fats that you’ll want in your diet.
  3. Tilapia
    Tilapia is unique in that it has one of the lowest fat contents of all fish. It’s also one of the tastier fish out there and good for your heart and brain.
  4. Tuna
    A classic — you can never go wrong with tuna. Tuna has all the vitamin and omega-3 nutrients you’ll get out of other fish and is one of the tastier fish out there.
  5. Rainbow trout
    If you see trout being sold at your supermarket, it’s almost definitely rainbow trout. The best thing about trout is that the farming of the fish is actually tightly regulated, meaning it’s one of the safer seafood you can buy.