About Us

We didn’t have time to cook healthy meals every night and noticed how most take out menus were high in fat, sugar, carbs and sodium. So we started Cooker to connect hungry eaters with local cookers (chefs) offering healthy home cooked meals. Our cookers come from all over which means you get to sample their cuisines from around the world right from your own home. We believe each cooker has a food story to share with you as you taste their heritage and culture woven into each dish. You’ll enjoy exclusive access to family recipes and dishes that have been passed down from one generation to another. You can’t get many of our food items anywhere else.

Cooker means you’ll find lean proteins like chicken and turkey substituted into recipes that normally call for heavy beef or pork. We also offer plant based proteins and plenty of superfoods. Think vegetarian options and lower fat versions of comfort food.

We know you’re craving a home cooked meal to take you back to your childhood. Or maybe you just don’t have time every night to fix yourself or your family something. Either way we got you covered.