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Are Millennials the Vegan Generation?

Spend some time on the website, and you’ll eventually run into someone making an ironic comment about how Millennials are ruining everything. They’re not being serious. It’s something of a meme on the Millennial-heavy site, poking fun at the abundance of industries accusing the generation of killing just about every norm and facet of traditional life.

The truth, though, is that Millennials probably just have different tastes — like every generation before them. And industry is having to learn the hard way that they have to adapt.

And one of those really learning that lesson is the meat industry.

You see, Millennials really don’t like meat. Well, it’s more like they don’t like meat in the same way that Generation X and the Boomers did before them. In fact, GlobalData — a leading data and analytics firm — found that there’s a massive shift away from meat by something like 70% of the global population, and the group leading that march is…you guessed it…Millennials.

A big part of this is the fact that Millennials tend to care a lot more about things like sourcing and ethical treatment of animals. And another part is that there’s a bit more info available now on the health risks of super meat-heavy diets.

The end result is a lot more demand for plant-based foods and a bit less demand for meat, with retailers scrambling for greener products to stock their shelves. Some, like Whole Foods, are even thriving off this paradigm shift.

The more important point is that there’s a new trend in food and all signs show that it’s not going to change any time soon. People want greener foods and for industry, that means it’s time to adapt.