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If you’re on this page, you’re probably wondering why you should go ahead and team up with us. Well here are a few reasons.

Cooking and being really good at it — which we’re sure you are — is one thing, but getting the word out about your dishes is another. And that’s where we come in. Our crack team of marketers will handle all the social media, email marketing and promotional hoopla, while you do what you do best. Make awesome food.  We help you get it in the hands (and stomachs) of more hungry Eaters.  

Cooker is an online marketplace matching hungry Eaters with healthy and tasty food from our approved Cookers. We handle the ecommerce, operations, credit cards, customer service and delivery.

You can cook from your own commercial kitchen or use ours.  We know you’re just as passionate about good healthy food as we are.  Let us help you shine and tell your food story.   

So go ahead. Sign up below and watch your business take off.

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Our commercial kitchen is in Decatur if you need to use it