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The Best Meal Delivery Service in Atlanta? We Think So.

This week I wanted to take a quick break from the usual factoids on food and talk about, well…us. If you’re on this site, I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that you know who we are. But I still think it might just be worth taking a bit of time to explain why we think we’re the best meal delivery service in Atlanta.

And like all good things, I’m going to do it in list form.

We’ve got new chefs every week

If you get our e-mails, you’re gonna see this one a lot — but for good reason. Yes, we bring in new chefs ever week (with the occasional repeats), and every now and then we get that inevitable question, but why? Well, chefs like everyone else, have that one thing that they’re really, really good at. Some chefs might make killer Cajun but maybe don’t shine so much with Greek.

And so, having more chefs mean having chefs that are true specialists with their dishes. Our chefs know the ins and out of everything they make. At the same time, we get to offer you the insane diversity of a new menu every week.

Our food is healthy (and friendly to a lot of diets)

We really strive to be a more health-conscious kind of meal delivery service in Atlanta. We don’t really do saturated fats or tons of sugar and we try and keep things a bit more green. That’s not to say we don’t have proteins – you’ll almost always find a good fish or chicken dish – but we keep things more…balanced.

And best of all, the food is always delicious. We guarantee that.

We’re really affordable

No, really, I’ve tried it. I’ve bought a bunch of dishes for a week and took a look at my usual grocery bill and, well, Cooker worked out better for me. Factor in that you don’t have to worry about gas or time lost from cooking and picking out groceries, and I think we might just have a winner.

We’ve got tons of cool, new tech stuff going on

A big part of being the best meal delivery service in Atlanta isn’t just the food side of things but giving you a lot of control and insight into your dishes. If you look around the site, you might notice that we’re not just a menu with a pretty picture and a price. We’ve got a whole bunch of little gizmos and features to favorite, review, and remind you of different dishes and give you that little bit of insight into our chef’s lives and backgrounds.

We’re really a platform as much as we are a delivery service. And trust us, we’re just getting started on that front.