FAQ for Eaters

What is Cooker?
Cooker is an online marketplace matching hungry Eaters with talented Cookers who prepare healthy and tasty food.  We make it easy and affordable for you to get healthy home cooked meals delivered right to your door.
How much does it cost?
Each food item is listed with a price and info about the Cooker that made it.  We charge a basic $6.50 delivery fee for locations near and inside the perimeter and slightly higher for further outside the perimeter.  You can enter your zip code on the homepage to see where we deliver to.  Our small delivery fee covers our delivery driver tip, gas and expenses.
Where is the food made?
All food available on Cooker is made in a commercial kitchen that meets all health code and safety standards.
When do I order?
You can place your order up to 1 week in advance.  Ordering cuts off at 5pm the day before delivery.
Do you offer gluten free or special diet options?
Yes, some of our Cookers specialize in food free of certain ingredients based on your dietary needs or allergies.  You can find labels on each dish indicating Gluten Free or Dairy Free etc. Please note if you have a very serious allergy then Cooker is not a fit for you as we cannot guarantee and prevent cross contamination. Some of our commercial kitchens also produce nuts and gluten.  But if you have an intolerance or just want to be gluten free for health reasons then you can sort our menu by gluten free.  You can also enter your requirements in the notes section during the ordering process.
Do you provide reheating instructions?
Yes, each dish will have instructions and comes already prepared.  Typically you pop it into the oven or microwave and do NOT have to cook or make the meal.
Do I have to cook from your ingredients?
No.  We handle the cooking.  You simply reheat using the instructions provided.
What are the delivery times?
We deliver both inside and outside the perimeter all across Atlanta.  Deliveries are between 1:30pm and 6:30pm.
Do I have to be home?
No. Some customers leave a cooler with ice packs on their porch if they are not going to be home during their time window for their delivery.
Do I tip the driver?
No. We offer tips and salaries to our drivers from the small delivery fee we charge.