Ebony & Ivory

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Marcus “Ebony” Phillips and Victor “Ivory” Amato pair their talents to offer down home, old-school, true Southern fare at a popular roadside stop in Smyrna.  The menu includes mouth-watering BBQ, fried fish, smoked wings, and all the Southern-style veggies you would expect.

They met several years ago while working at Dantanna’s CNN Center location and discovered they had a dream in common. Fast forward to today and that dream is in motion daily - satisfying raving Southern food fans.


    Current Menu Items:

    • Broiled Catfish

    • Classic Baked Beans

    • Slow-cooked Smoked BBQ Chicken

    • Smoked Chicken Wings

    • Southern Mac & Cheese

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    Showing all 5 results

      Showing all 5 results