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Twilight & Lemongrass was founded in 2017 by Franceska Lynne and Warren Gang. Franceska and Warren were best friends in high school and at the beginning of college but lost touch for many years. After re-connecting on social media in 2014, they got married in July of 2015 in Blue Ridge, GA. Their wedding colors were twilight blue and lemongrass green. After entering the first annual ATL Vegan MacDown in 2016, where they created a vegan mac & cheez recipe for the event, they decided to give it a try professionally. A vegan for nearly 30 years, Franceska has created and modified dozens of recipes, mostly veganized versions of the Southern comfort foods she loved as a child. Both of her grandmothers (one from West Virginia and Florida and one from Arkansas and Alabama), were spectacular cooks, and are the inspiration behind many of her dishes. Twilight & Lemongrass has an extensive menu, available on their website, Some of their most popular dishes include Mac & Cheez, Shepherd’s Pie, Chili, Jambalaya, Paella, Un-Chicken & Dumplings, Un-Beef-a-Roni, Lasagna, hearty soups/stews like Minestrone, Moroccan Stew, and Borscht, and desserts like Pumpkin Bread, Chocolate Berry Tart, and Cheezcakes. Many of their dishes are or can be made gluten-free, and all are 100% vegan.

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Everybody loves comfort food. But who can vegans turn to when that old fashioned comfort food craving abounds? Twilight & Lemongrass have answered that question with their vegan comfort cooking.  Franceska Lynne and Warren Gang, high school best friends who re-connected on social media after many years, discovered their common passion after co-creating a popular vegan mac & cheez dish. At that point, Franceska had already been modifying her grandmother’s recipes for years – veganizing the Southern-style comfort foods she loved as a child. Let Twilight & Lemongrass reunite you with some of your favorite creamy comfort foods.


Current Menu Items:

  • 5-Bean Chili

  • Borscht Beet Soup for 2

  • Borscht Beet Soup for 4

  • Thick & Hearty Moroccan Stew for 2

  • Thick & Hearty Moroccan Stew for 4

  • Un-Chicken & Dumplings

  • Un-Chicken & Dumplings for 4

  • Vegan Delight Mac & Cheez

  • Vegan Delight Mac & Cheez for 4

  • Vegan Mac & Cheez

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Showing all 11 results

    Showing all 11 results